• Bookkeeping and accounting preparation according to Spanish regulations.
  • Accounting Balance and Profit & Loss Account production.
  • Amortization, accounting adjustments and accounting closure.
  • Preparation and legalising of obligatory Annual Accounts.


  • Corporate tax examination and preparation.
  • Income tax examination and preparation.
  • Tax on assets examination and preparation.
  • Inheritance tax examination and preparation.
  • Tax on Capital Transfers and Documented Legal Acts examination and preparation.
  • Quarterly tax declarations examination and preparation.
  • Receipt of electronic notifications.
  • Appeals and claims facing Government acts.
  • Legal advice regarding tax inspection.
  • Estate tax planning.


  • Advice work and preparation of any kind of societal operations: incorporation, capital increase and capital reductions, mergers, corporate spinoff, corporate dissolution, etc.
  • Client assistance to place on public report societal operations.
  • Legal advice, client assistance and preparation of required documents for a meeting notice.


  • Legal counseling and client assistance to place on public report buying and selling of properties.
  • Legal counseling and preparation of rental and buying and selling real estate agreements.
  • Inheritor estates, calculation and distribution.